Car Cell Festival

A concept for festivals and events in compliance with the Covid-19 restrictions.
The festival/event visitors come and go in their own cars and will only stay in their so-called cell the whole time (max. 5 or 10 people per cell). The cells are separated by 4m. Moving toilets are used, which can be ordered to the cell. This concept makes major events possible without creating more than 5/10 groups. The risk of infection/spread is lower than e.g. at train stations.

The concept has not been approved yet by the authorities, only serves as an idea!

If it is not allowed, just because it is categorized as a major event, it could also be offered as a space rental (cell). You only pay for the cell and the music/concert is free of charge as side entertainment (like in a restaurant with entertainment). It would therefore no longer be a major event (interpretation of the definition).


We do not offer a product or service for events. It is all about the idea for an alternative. We think it could be possible, that this year and possibly next year no major events will be possible.

Why do we think that?
Big events will only be possible again, if the distance rules are cancelled. If there are 1000+ people in one place and they move just a little, we should have the cognitive skills/reaction and a swarm movement behavior (like flocks of birds). Otherwise people simply get too close to each other in unintentionally through the movements, unless the space and the distance is big enough (more than 3m/person). The sanitary facilities are also a difficult situation to prevent human contact/mixing. The entrance and exit is difficult too, either it is large or people would have to go in and out in sequence, similar traffic jams like e.g. on an airplane. With so many people, it could possibly be, that the most distant people from the entrance/exit have to wait a long time before they get out.

open infection simulation

Have you ever had experience with virtual reality?

In order to understand the XR Prototype or Virtual Reality service, you should experience virtual reality with position tracking. You can try it with us in Neuenhof AG for free of charge without any further obligations.

We suggest making an appointment with us.

What's the idea

Realize a festival, concert or event with the necessary physical distance. This is achieved by driving in/out by car, individual cells (a closed space) and mobile toilet facilities (moving ToiToi).

Arrival / departure: Visitors only have contact with their own group, because they drive into their cell by car and get out of it in the same way.

Cell: When the cell is reached, it is blocked off with a barrier, which can be easily avoided in an emergency. The car is in its own cell. Max. 5 people and max. 1 car. Another version would be with a larger area, 3 cars and max. 10 people. The cells are 4m apart (through road) to each other.

Toilet facilities: These consist of moving toilets (ToiToi) that can be ordered to the cell via the app/website. As a result, there is no mixing outside of the individual groups.

Contact tracing: Through event registration, the people who are assigned to the individual cells, are known.


The physical distance is maintained and there is no mixing with other visitors.


Event visitors can celebrate with each other without having physical contact. The physical distance is maintained and there is no mixing with other visitors.

Toilet facilities

The moving toilets keep the physical distance and there is no mixing with other visitors.

Contact tracing

Each visitor is assigned to a specific cell and known by name.

Video projection

The action can be transferred to large parts of the area by video screens.

The XR demo concept

Here's an example to look at and try out how the concept is thought.

The concept is designed for virtual reality and can therefore be visited 1: 1 (simply click on the VR symbol at the bottom right, requires a VR headset). It can also be seen by using a computer or smartphone. The direction of view can be changed with the mouse and the room can be moved with the W, A, S, D or arrow keys. For performance reasons, only some of the visitors and cars are shown in the demo.
In VR mode, the different versions, views, ordering toilets can be selected on the virtual smartphone in the left hand and on the computer here:

7 x 7 m

1 Car
5 Visitors
with Car/Visitors Demo

12 x 12 m

3 Cars
10 Visitors
with Car/Visitors Demo

7 x 7 m

1 Car
5 Visitors
with Auto/Visitors Demo

12 x 12 m

3 Cars
10 Visitors
with Car/Visitors Demo

Order toilet
Standing mode
Flight mode
Driving mode
Switch between top and bottom view
Start video screen

We are looking forward giving you more information for free of charge!