The process of your project

Your XR prototype is an application tailored to your needs.


Individual technology

The XR prototype is created using techniques that are optimally designed for your project and budget.


1. Concept for your goals

In setting your goals and to work out ideas how to achieve your goals. Analyzing of opportunities and performing of feasibility studies in order to see which application is best to use in accordance with the budget. A concept for your prototype will be developed and realized.


2. Realization

Once the concept has been created, we will realize your prototype.


3. Evaluation of the mission

After production, your prototype will be used. The application is adapted or expanded in use as needed. After the test phase, the mission needs to be analyzed and discussed. After this analysis, a decision can be taken if a new, differently oriented prototype is required. If the mission is successful, then talks are going to take place about the realization of the final application.

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