Your prototype for mixed reality

Achieve your goals to cut costs with virtual solutions. Get your Virtual or Augmented Reality Prototype made by us.

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Have you ever had experience with virtual reality?

In order to understand the XR Prototype or Virtual Reality service, you should experience virtual reality with position tracking. You can try it with us in Neuenhof AG for free of charge without any further obligations.

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What is XR Prototype about?

Situations and processes are transferred into the virtual environment, which can be experienced and operated realistically. It is realized with a lean approach, meaning to achieve cost-reducing objectives by analyzing processes.
More exactly we perform tests of processes for Work 4.0 or Industry 4.0 as well as further data collecting and data evaluation.
You can dive into a Mixed Reality application area and analyze the collected data before going live with Virtual Reality project.

What about more of the project running

About the concept

We work with you to develop a concept with your expertise and experience.


About the implementation

We realize your XR Prototype according to your needs and goals.


About the support

We support you to use your XR Prototype in action.

Our own XR Prototype examples

Here you can see our XR Prototype examples.

Group fitness distance concept

Festival / Events distance concept


Where are the
application areas

A XR Prototype can basically be used in any industry and for any application. It is a first step for industry solutions or business solutions in the virtual world.

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What are the advantages

It can simulate for instance the operation of expensive equipment and machines for training purpose for employees which are not yet put in place.

Furthermore, improbable or dangerous situations can be simulated.

In virtual space, complete environments can be easily reconfigured and customized to analyze efficiency.

Moreover, a complex system can be better understood in detailed in virtual reality and explains it to the others more easily.

Another example is to plan a warehouse before the building has been constructed.

Existing systems and applications can be easier integrated.

A prototype can be created and used several times.

Application examples

Here are some ways where XR prototypes can be used.


Analyze work processes and increase efficiency.


Train and train employees.


Test the integration before purchasing.


Virtualization of your planning.


Realize and experience dangers realistically.


Present non-existent objects realistically.


Test processes and situations.


Simulate and analyze situations.

We are looking forward giving you more information for free of charge!